Our story

That’s us. I am Jørn Broekaert and founder of Mediamind Brand Activation, a Belgium based packaging design agency. Design and music has been a big deal throughout my life, and going to festivals has always felt like coming home. Together with my lovely girlfriend Sofie we came up with the idea of decorative woven wristbands. We both wear and cherish our festival wristbands for months after, as little sweet summer trophies and remembrances of crazy good times. So why not wear them as jewellery, and upgrade your wrist with countless festive, colourful wristbands? Because we all love festival wristbands, no matter what age, taste or numbers on the bank. It unites us all, and calls for stories, memories and big smiles.

So we created original, stylish wristbands that one can wear on all occasions, just happy single, in a crazy mix or combined with your festivals bands, and just celebrate good vibes, celebrate life! Treat yourself, surprise someone you fancy, or share them with your loved ones as a token of love and friendship.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where OOJOO comes from? That’s just something we say when we’re exited. 🙂


A BIG hug and high five for Ram, my brother, guide, business mate, partner-in-juvenile-crimes and best friend for life. Thank you for supporting us in our adventure and creating this badassical webshop. Bang his drums on trndncy.be for some e-mail marketing awesomeness.

A BIG thank you to the creative designers and wonderful team at Mediamind: Laura, Roeland, Emiel, Lien, Barbara and Pieter. You’re the best.