That one idea that made me smile

Stupid little ideas keep popping up in my head. I have these little lists and scrapbooks and Pinterest pages and stacks of scribbles and drafts all over my places and most of these ideas just disappear under the next one. Some brilliant nightly ideas appear not to be that brilliant or original under daylight after all, some require just too much research time, for some I miss a fully equipped workshop or a million euro budget for a prototype. But the main reason has always been: mwaah, it could be something, maybe, but will it be a fun adventure or could it end up in a troublesome journey that makes me worry or stress even more? And so the stack keeps pilling up.

But this one did not make it to the stack. This one made me smile from the very first moment it popped up and it haven’t left my mind since.

A festival style bracelet, striped from its functional purpose as an entrance proof, reduced to it powerful essence: a stylish bracelet that people like to wear as a symbol of all things joyful that keeps them going: good times, music and festivals, love and friendship.

The oojoo bracelets will not cure world problems like famine, diseases or global warming. Maybe my next idea will. But it could add a fraction to the world gross product of happiness. It could be that silly little bracelet that people like, and let them share what we care about: something nice to wear, good times to enjoy and friendships to cherish.